How Can You Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton Watch?

How can you spot a fake Louis Vuitton watch? The most basic answer is to simply buy from the designer or an official seller of Louis Vuitton products if you are concerned about potentially purchasing a fake. Unlike Rolex, which has been around for a long time with significant features that are typically used to identify real from fake watches, Louis Vuitton watches may be slightly more of a challenge, depending on the quality of the replica and the attention to detail of the observer.

  1. Observe the wristband of the watch closely. Genuine leather or quality metals will separate many fake Louis Vuitton watches from genuine Louis Vuitton watches. If the wristband appears to be leather, check closely for the smell and feel of leather, as opposed to the stiff feel and odd smell of fake wristbands. If the wristband is metal, pay attention to whether it is stainless steel or something that may show signs of tarnish.
  2. Look for the Louis Vuitton "LV" logo, as well as a manufacturer mark stating that the watch was made in Switzerland. All Louis Vuitton watches are made in Switzerland, and while this mark can be faked, it is helpful to spot it.
  3. If the watch has diamonds set in the watch face or main watch piece, look closely to assess whether they may be real diamonds or simply crystal or glass. Real diamonds will be set securely, so as not to come loose, for example. Having a basic understanding of how to spot genuine diamonds may come in handy if the desired watch contains them.
  4. Note if the watch is made with metal, such as brass or steel. Real Louis Vuitton watches will be manufactured only of genuine stainless steel or polished brass. Cheep, coated metals will be relatively easy to spot. At first glance, they may resemble polished brass, for example, but the coating can usually be loosened and flake off.
  5. If purchasing the watch first hand, ensure that it comes with the official Louis Vuitton authentication card. All genuine Louis Vuitton products will come with this type of authentication card, verifying it's quality. If the seller does not have the authentication card, consider the seller as a means of spotting a fake Louis Vuitton watch. For example, street vendors and flea markets often are flooded with replicas of brand-name, high-priced items selling for ridiculously low prices.
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