How Can You Tell If A Girl Is A Virgin?

Want to know how can you tell if a girl is a virgin?  There are a few things you need to think about. Girls view their virginity slightly different than men do. Many girls wear their virginity as a sign of pride, whereas many guys view being a virgin as a sign of shame or inadequacy. Because of this, you have to look at a girl’s virginity different than a man’s. You know how many guy will lie and say their not virgins? When in actuality they haven’t seen any parts of a woman. Well, you may have to deal with women that lie about being virgins, when in actuality they may have traveled around the block a few times. Honestly, it’s not all that important if a girl is a virgin or not. But, if you really need to know, here’s how you can tell a girl is a virgin.

  1. The easiest indicator. You all know what this is. Most virgins bleed during their first intercourse session. If you’re dealing with a girl that claims to be a virgin, just pay attention. If she doesn’t bleed, there’s only one of two possible explanations. Either you have an extremely small penis. In which case, you have more important things to worry about than her virginity. Or she was probably lying to you about her purity.
  2. Watch her actions. Does she claim to be a virgin but possess the sexual skills of a pornstar? If you’re with a woman that knows how to pull off sexual magic in the bedroom, the girl may not be a virgin. Most people learn sex techniques from other people. It’s very rare that you’ll find a girl that goes down like a submarine, and experiments like a scientist if she’s a virgin. Most people have to have that first sex session before they open up to all the extra freakiness.
  3. What does she say? Some women view their virginity as a shining quality of their personality. They’ll have no problem letting people know that they are in fact virgins. But, they won’t make a spectacle about it. Be weary of a girl that’s constantly saying she doesn’t do this, or doesn’t do that. Girls like this are hiding something. Remember when a certain former child star bragged about being a virgin? A few months later, the truth was revealed. She was getting down with one of her former co-stars. Things and people aren’t always what they seem.
  4. What not to do. Don’t make rash judgments on a rather trivial topic in the first place. Does it really matter if a girl’s a virgin or not? No. A girl can act like the biggest street walker in the world and be a virgin. A woman cooler than an iceberg could be getting down on the low and oblivious men would be none the wiser. You have to take people on an individual basis. Some folks wear their lives on their chests for everyone else to see. Others don’t. The best way to find out if a girl is a virgin is to get to know her. And at the end of the day, if you’re with her, it doesn’t matter if the girl is a virgin or not. Focus on more important things… like treating her right.
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