How Can You Tell If Someone Is Lying?

Knowing how can you tell if someone is lying is an essential life skill. Being able to tell if someone is lying will save you from distress in platonic, intimate, and professional relationships. With the exception of sociopaths, whenever someone is lying, they feel emotional discomfort. This emotional discomfort leaks in facial expressions, body language, speech, and conversational content. Ahead are some important tips on how to tell if someone is lying.

  1. They avoid you. Or, at least avoid talking to you. Whenever someone is lying, they want to avoid having conversations with you because they don’t want to arouse any suspicions. Sometimes, they have not thought up the lie completely.
  2. They leave out details in the conversation. Whenever people leave out the essential “5W’s” – who? what? where? when? why? – in the conversation, it is likely that they are hiding something. The shorter the sentences the more suspicious you should be. Too many one word answers is a big red flag that someone is lying.
  3. They won’t look at you in the eye. Whenever someone is lying, they are likely to feel shame or guilt. When people feel ashamed or guilty, they avoid eye contact. So, if someone was previously making eye contact with you, and they suddenly look elsewhere, you should suspect that they’re lying.
  4. They get fidgety. This is similar to the lack of eye contact response. If someone is lying they may build up nervous energy. Fidgeting is one way to release nervous energy.
  5. Their voice or pace of speech changes. A quite reliable way to tell if someone is lying is to pay attention to how they talk. If someone was speaking loudly and then start speaking quietly, they may be lying. Their subconscious is telling them that the softer they speak, the less likely their lies will be heard. Paying attention to the pace of speech is also important. If a human starts speaking quickly out of the blue, they might be trying to force the lie out fast so other person will not be able to process it. Noticing that a person is speaking more slowly than usual is also a good way to find out if someone is lying. This may indicate that they are making up the lie in their head as they are speaking.




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