How Can You Tell When It’s A Fake Orgasm?

If you’re wondering, “how can you tell when it's a fake orgasm,” there a few signs to look for to give you clues. It is not necessarily easy to know, however, when a woman fakes it, as some of them are very good at it. Women generally fake it because they’re just not that in the mood for sex at the time or to make us feel studly on days that we’re not so. But keeping an eye open to a few important things can help you know if you’re really getting the job done.

  1. Post-orgasm sensitivity. Most women achieve orgasm solely through clitoral stimulation—and not through penetration, despite what you’ve “learned” from porn. Many women, after they have had an orgasm, need at least a moment for their clit to recover, if you will, just as the head of your penis does after you ejaculate. If after your partner has had an orgasm, one way to tell when it’s a fake orgasm is to brush her clitoris—be it with your finger or your tongue—and see how she responds. If there is not much of a reaction from her, she very well may have faked it.
  2. The eyes have it. If you’re lucky, you’ve been with a woman in a hot night of passion and delivered at least one earth-shattering orgasm for her. One thing you may have noticed during her orgasm is her eyes rolling, seemingly uncontrollably, and often way up in the back of her head. This is typically most easily noticed when she’s riding you and you can look up directly into her eyes. If she is simply clenching her eyes tight—or even worse, doesn’t even have them closed at all—there is a chance she might be faking it. Most women do not clench their eyes during orgasm, but do when they’re faking it, and this is a key way to tell when it’s a fake orgasm.
  3. Vaginal response. There are some key physical responses from a woman when she is cumming that she simply has no control over. One of them is the reaction of the area most intensely experiencing the orgasm, that being her privates, which you are so exquisitely exploring. The vast majority of women, when having an orgasm, will clench their vagina around you as they get closer and closer and when they’re going over the top you will notice a spasming and rapid squeezing—which, by lucky chance, feels great for you. One way to tell when it’s a fake orgasm is to pay attention to this. If her vagina doesn’t seem any more excited than you get when watching one of your girlfriend’s rom-coms, there’s a chance she is faking.
  4. Watch for “over-doing” it. How much is your partner trying to “sell it.”  Most women, when they orgasm, go into a deep level of concentration and focus as the feeling builds, only really letting loose when the orgasm is open them. One way to tell when it’s a fake orgasm is to see if your partner is thrashing and screaming like a porn star. Is she scratching your back, way too hard, yelling at the top of her lungs, and unleashing a string of dirty words. If it seems too porn-like, there’s a chance it was also a fake porn orgasm.
  5. Post-coitus energy level. You know how YOU feel immediately after cumming—that is to say you are exhausted and blissfully spent, simply want to lie still and sink into the sheets. The same should be true with a woman who has just had a toe-curling orgasm. One way to tell when it’s a fake orgasm is by noticing how your partner responds immediately after she cums. Does she spring out of bed like a cat and slip on her clothes to run out to the grocery store?  Or does she simply lay still, comatose, thanking you for the pleasure you just gave her?  If she seems too bouncy, it might have been an act.
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