How Can You Unlock Mr Kelley On Red Dead Revolver?

In "Red Dead Revolver," many characters can be unlocked to be playable during the multiplayer component of the game, but many gamers wonder how can you unlock Mr. Kelly on "Red Dead Revolver"? Mr. Kelly is one of the more difficult bosses in the game and can be a huge pain to beat under normal circumstances. If you are trying to unlock him, however, it will end up being even more difficult.

  1. Excellent. The way you unlock Mr. Kelly in "Red Dead Revolver" is to achieve a grade of excellent during the chapter "Battle Finale." This is the only time you can defeat Mr. Kelly, and while you can beat him without getting an excellent rating, you have to get excellent in order to unlock Mr. Kelly for multiplayer play in "Red Dead Revolver." To get an excellent, you need to have finished the map in a good time, gotten 70% accuracy and had a good combo.
  2. Beating Mr. Kelly. Beating Kelly is probably the hardest part to getting excellent. Kelly will hit you at least once and break your combo, and each time he hits, you he does around 60% damage. He is a very formidable foe indeed. Avoiding his shots and trying to get as many of yours on target as possible is about the only way. Strategy kind of goes out the window when fighting Mr. Kelly, which does make it feel a bit cheap, but after some practice, you will get it done and unlock him.
  3. The Scorpion stings. Perhaps the easiest way to unlock Mr. Kelly is to go through and beat the game once so you unlock the very powerful Scorpion Gun. Unlocking this makes your battle with him, and the entire level, much easier and you will be able to unlock him for multiplayer without much trouble.
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