How Can You Watch Videos Backwards Using Windows Movie Maker?

Wondering how you can watch videos backwards using Windows Movie Maker? If you have a little Steven Spielberg inside waiting to burst out, Windows Movie Maker software contains a slew of options—from effects, transitions and title/credits to audio track and timeline narration, etc. These tools enable anyone to become the master of cinema or develop a cool video package for someone's special occasion. Here is a way for the footage to play backwards using this exclusive media program for your PC.

  1. Open up the Movie Maker program either on your desktop or Programs list.
  2. Upload the video in the preview box.
  3. Drag the video cursor at the videoplayer's timeline to the point where you want the reverse video to begin.
  4. Press the "Picture" button below the timeline and save it.
  5. Click "Previous Frame" in the preview window and take another picture as in the previous step. Continue this process until the first frame of the video.
  6. Highlight all the pictures taken and place them in the timeline of Movie Maker.
  7. Click "Video Effects" on the left-hand side then select "Speed Up Double" effect and place it on the first clip of the video.
  8. Right-click on the first frame and copy everything then save it in Window Movie Maker before deleting all of the effects done in the first clip.
  9. Choose the "Edit" feature and go to "Select All" that highlights every clip put in the timeline then right-click on the first clip again and choose "Paste."
  10. Save the video and rename it however you wish in Movie Maker.

 Note: There are other third party video editing software that feature the "reverse" effects which avoid such steps such as AviSynth. Be careful as certain third party software as there may be capability issues with Windows Movie Maker.

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