How To Cancel Automatic Debit On Fifth Third Bank Account

Do you want to know how to cancel automatic debit on Fifth Third bank account? Automatic debits are also called scheduled bill payments in Fifth Third's online banking site. Automatic debit payments are convenient but sometimes, the automatic payments need to be stopped because automatic debits are not covered under 2010's new overdraft protection rules. Automatic, scheduled debits at Fifth Third Bank can be cancelled up until 2:00 PM Eastern Time on the day they are scheduled to go through. To cancel an automatic debit on a Fifth Third Bank Account the steps to follow are:

  1. Use your favorite search engine to locate the bank's website. 
  2. Use the information that was provided by bank personnel when you set up your Fifth Third account, to log in to your Fifth Third internet banking account. If you do not have the required login information, you will either have to call or visit the bank to get the information.
  3. Go to the "Make Payments" tab and then click on "Pending Payments."
  4. Locate the payment you need to cancel, and look for the edit and delete buttons under the listed automatic payment. If the buttons are not visible, you will have to either call or visit the bank to find out if the payment can be stopped.
  5. Read the confirmation box that pops up asking if you are sure you want to cancel the scheduled payment. Click the Yes box to confirm the cancellation.
  6. Write down, or print the confirmation information provided in the final web page.

After you have successfully cancelled your automatic debit, you can reschedule the payment for a later date through the links under the "Make Payments" tab.

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