How To Cape A Deer

If you're a serious hunter, you should learn how to cape a deer. Imagine you're hunting, you find a deer and take it down.  All you're left with is an oral account of your date with destiny. If you want proof and a trophy of your triumph, the following steps will assist you in how to cape a deer.

  1. With one of the sharpest knives you own, cut the deer right behind the arms straight across. This opens up the top half of the deer giving you easy access to what you need, additionally, it cuts away the bottom half. Cut the skin around the legs above the knees. This way the whole stomach of the deer is opened up and anything in between can be pushed out of the way.
  2. Make approximately two cuts under the chest. These cuts should go horizontal above the rib cage. Start from the first cut that was originally made and cut behind the right arm, now continue along the back of one leg and join the cut above the knee to the previous cut that you just made. Take your knife and perform the same cut along the left side of arm following through to the left leg. This last cut actually dismembers the top half of the body from the bottom.
  3. Peel the skin forward up to the back of the ears. Use your knife as little as possible to avoid any additional knicks or cuts, this way you have a smooth trim along the lining of the skin. Hold the skin out of the way just in case it's shipped off for other use. Cut three inches behind the neck and head. Remove the head from the body of the deer. If you are not experienced in taking off the head, wait for the taxidermist because you could easily make a mistake a damage the head for mounting quality.
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