How To Care For Aloe Vera Plant

Are you wondering how to care for aloe vera plant? Much of the way you care for your aloe vera plant will depend on where you live. USDA Zones 10-11 can safely grow and maintain the plant outdoors in the ground or pots in indirect light, as the plant is considered hardy in these zones. USDA Zones 9 and under should keep the plant in a container and take the plant indoors and outdoors with the changing seasons as the plant is intolerant of snow and frost.  Make sure your soil is the right kind for proper growth of your aloe. Using coarse sand or perlite in the soil, or a cacti mix is the basis of how to care for your aloe plant.

  1. When thinking about how to care for an aloe vera plant remember the plant needs lots of sunlight. No matter where you live make sure the plant is in the south facing or sunniest window inside or in indirect sun to part shade outdoors.
  2. Older, established aloe plants are drought tolerant. Site location or a planter should allow for fast draining of water. Allow the soil around the plant to become  dry before watering your aloe. Less water will be used by the aloe plant in colder months as the plant becomes dormant.
  3. When repotting your aloe vera plant make sure your pot is a wider, not deeper pot. The roots on the aloe are shallow and spreading. Knowing this will allow the plant to thrive. If you are wondering how to care for aloe vera plant offsets do not remove the offsets until they are a couple of inches long. Plant them in a separate container or in a different area in the ground.
  4. How to care for an aloe vera plant intended for medicinal use is to use natural fertilizers.  Using ashes from cigars, cigarettes, etc. or coffee grounds (sparingly) will help to ensure burns and cuts are treated properly.
  5. If you are growing your aloe vera for its flowers use a 10-40-10 fertilizer. Fertilize in the spring following package instructions.


Aloe Vera Plant

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