How To Care For An Antique Leather Briefcase

How to care for an antique leather briefcase is easy and simple.  An antique is highly valued for its age.  Antique collectors buy and sell antique items based on their condition, age and the rarity of the item.  Even the most high quality kind of leather will deteriorate over a long period of time, making older pieces become brittle and easily prone to damage especially the soft-shelled cases. You can care for an antique leather briefcase with these steps.

Items needed to care for an antique leather briefcase:

  • Pecard Leather Dressing paste or any trusted rebuffing paste
  • Cloth
  • Saddle soap
  • Soft shoe brush
  1. Apply some paste to the leather. You have to use your fingers to apply the paste of Pecard Leather Dressing to all the surfaces of the leather.  Be sure not to put some paste on a non-leather area. The dressing will penetrate the leather to allow the fibers to bend without causing it to break or chafe. It also coats the fiber to maintain the appropriate moisture to keep the leather in good condition.
  2. Store in an optimal area while drying off. Place the briefcase on a non-absorbent area at room temperature for several days until the paste softens the old fibers.  Do not artificially heat the leather or put it under the sun.  
  3. Wipe off the leather area. Whitening of the surface of some treated leather can be wiped off with a soft absorbent rag or buffed off with a soft shoe brush.  
  4. Use saddle soap. Use saddle soap applied with a shaving brush for cleaning dirty, but smooth surfaced antique leather briefcase.
  5. Repeat this every few months. When the paste is fully absorbed, re-apply another lighter coating and wait for another day.  If the paste still remains on the surface, wipe it off with a clean cloth and buff it with a soft shoe brush.  Buff it with a lint free cloth for a sleeker shine if the leather surface is not flaking.  If you are in a dry climate, you have to treat it every four to six months.  For a lesser dry climate, six to eight months is enough.  In both cases, application will be lighter and the absorption is shorter.  
  6. Look for a safe and good area for storage. Proper storage of antique leather briefcase can help preserve its condition. Flexing antique leather may cause damage into it as it may result to internal chafing or breaking on dry leather. One must avoid flexing the leather to avoid causing further damage to it and avoid keeping the leather briefcase in a sealed storage place.
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