How To Care For A Bulova Mens Diamond Watch

Learn how to care for a Bulova men’s diamond watch by following these simple instructions.  Bulova watches can be very expensive and you want to ensure that you care for it properly.  Diamond Bulova’s are very valuable and if cared for properly will last for a long, long, time.   These watches are made to last and simple steps need to be taken to ensure that your last will last as long as possible.  Most watches are not waterproof and certain measures should be taken to avoid water damage.  Even if your Bulova is waterproof, you will need to have it inspected every two to five years to ensure that the seals are in order.  Water damage is the biggest issue affecting Bulova watches and it’s fairly easy to avoid if you are careful.

Things you will need to care for your Bulova men’s diamond watch

  • A Bulova men’s diamond watch
  • A quality watch repair store

How to care for your Bulova mens diamond watch:

  1. Avoid water damage at all costs. If you suspect water damage or see condensation on the inside of your watch, take your watch to a watch repair store immediately.
  2. Do not use cologne or other body chemicals on your skin near where your band will touch. Certain chemicals may erode and damage the metal on the band. 
  3. Avoid extreme temperatures.  If it is extremely cold outside, your watch may freeze.  Hot weather may cause your battery life to be shortened. Prevent this by keeping your watch safe during extreme weather.
  4. Salt water may cause corrosion on the inside of your watch. Avoid salt water unless your specific Bulova watch manual claims salt water will not damage your watch.
  5. Every two to five years take your watch in to be cleaned and checked by a watch specialist.  Make sure you have all of the seals checked and a good cleaning is performed.  Never attempt to clean the inside of a watch by yourself.
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