How To Care For A Golf Course

Have you seen the lush greens of your local golf course, and wanted to know how to care for a golf course? Or maybe you're getting into golf course management and you want to know the nuts and bolts of what your groundskeepers are going through. Regardless of the reason, there are plenty of steps that go into properly caring for a golf course. Different levels of care are used for different levels of golf courses. After all, you aren't going to spend as much money taking care of the local greens as you are for a PGA tour course.

  1. Aerate the grass. Aeration is a big reason why golf course grass looks beautiful no matter what time of year you're checking it out (well, other than winter). Aeration is the process of punching many small holes into the grass. This is done with specialized machines and serves two purposes. The first is to allow water easy access to grass roots, and the second is to break up any clumps of soil or grass. Additional aeration benefits include increased oxygen to the grass and even water distribution.
  2. Close the golf course at least one day a week. This provides greenskeepers the opportunity to take care of the course without having to wait for golfers to get out of the way. This also provides a regular schedule for any sort of preventative maintenance needed.
  3. Replace divots and press the divot down into the earth. If this is not possible, put a seed and soil mixture into the divot hole.
  4. Remove trees interfering with the course layout or grass growth. Tree locations should augment the playing experience, not interfere with the overall course layout or golfer enjoyment.
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