How To Care For Leather Jacket

Knowing how to care for a leather jacket can make a big difference in the life of your jacket. Keeping a leather jacket looking new for years to come will depend on whether the jacket is properly cared for. Due to certain manufacturer’s designs and appliques it’s important to read the care instructions applied to each jacket.

  1. Look for the leather jacket care label. Each manufacturer will have slightly different care instructions for a leather jacket. These instructions may differ greatly different depending on the design, materials used for the shell, or any appliques that may be attached to the leather jacket. It’s important to follow these directions.
  2. Apply leather protectors to your leather jacket. Read the directions on each protector to ensure you use it correctly. You will also want to apply a stain and water protector. Stain and water protectors help prevent stains from setting into the leather and protect against water spots which are common with leather materials.
  3. Protecting your jacket from wetness. Even though you have protected your leather jacket with a stain and water protector there are still precautions you will want to take if your jacket becomes wet. If your leather jacket does become wet allow it to dry naturally by the air. Make sure to avoid heat sources such as blow dryers, heating vents and dryers. Heat will crack leather and shrink it.
  4. The importance of properly hanging your jacket. Leather jackets need to be hung on a wide hanger that has padded shoulders. This will keep the shoulders of your leather jacket properly shaped and also allow any wrinkles to pull naturally out of the jacket. During periods of storage place the jacket into a breathable garment bag.
  5. Removing stains, water marks or salt deposits. It is important that these strains are removed immediately. To remove stains, gently wipe the leather with a damn sponge and mild soap and allow to dry naturally.
  6. Leather conditioning. If you notice cracks in the leather you will want to use a leather conditioning product. This will prevent the leather from cracking further and help soften the look of existing cracks.
  7. Properly cleaning your jacket. To keep your leather jacket looking new, it is vital that your leather jacket be cleaned once per year by a professional dry cleaning service. Leather jackets are not meant to be laundered in a normal washing machine.
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