How To Care For An Open Wound After Appendix Surgery

Knowing how to care for an open wound after appendix surgery is an important part of recovery. If the wound begins to show signs of problems, you should call your doctor immediately, as this could mean that something more serious is wrong. Also, remember that the instructions your physician gives you are the most important directions to follow.

You will need the following items:

  • pain medication prescribed by your physician
  • warm water
  • soap
  • band-aid or bandages (possibly)
  1. Limit your movements at the hospital until your doctor releases you. The open wound from the appendix surgery needs time to begin to heal. Because this area of your body is effected so much by movement, it helps to just take time to relax.
  2. Keep the open wound after appendix surgery clean. When you get home, remove the bandages and wash carefully with warm soapy water, because you don't want to damage the incision (or incisions). When you are done, dry the area completely. It is best to just shower during this time and avoid being in standing water like a bathtub or pool.
  3. Cover the open wound if necessary. Because clothing can sometimes rub up against the open wound after appendix surgery, you can put a bandage over it. However, it needs to be changed every day and there should be some time when it is left uncovered.
  4. Check every day for signs of infection. Open wounds after appendix surgery tend to get infected easily. Look for redness around the area or any type of fluids leaking out of the incision. Also, if at any point during your recovery you have a fever, it is time to make a phone call to the doctor.
  5. Avoid heavy lifting and any type of strenuous exercise until you receive a release by the doctor. You don't want to cause any type of complications with the open wound after appendix surgery.
Taking care of an open wound after appendix surgery can lead to a faster recovery and feeling better.
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