How To Care For A Prince Albert Body Piercing


Learning how to care for a Prince Albert body piercing is extremely important for anyone who is considering getting one. A Prince Albert body piercing is a piercing that is done by men and is known as a genital piercing. The ring of a Prince Albert piercing is placed directly underneath the head of a man’s penis. The end of the ring exits through the man’s penis through the urethra.

To care for a Prince Albert body piercing, you will need:

  • Water
  • Lavender Oil
  • Condoms

Follow these steps for ensuring proper healing on the piercing:

  1. Drink a lot of water. Prince Albert body piercings generally heal very quickly and with few problems. This is primarily because urine is sterile. When a man urinates, the urine actually cleans the piercing, causing it to heal fast. If you drink a lot of water you will urinate more frequently, speeding up the healing process and causing it to heal even faster.
  2. Apply lavender oil on the piercing. Lavender oil will lubricate the wound and help it heal faster and better. Apply it moderately and always wipe off the excess oil with a cotton ball.
  3. Clean the piercing each day. Every day when you shower, pull the skin back and clean it well. You can also clean it by taking a salt water bath. Cleaning it once or twice a day in this manner will help the Prince Albert piercing to heal.
  4. Wear loose clothes. Tight underwear and jeans can irritate the piercing, so instead of wearing tight clothes, wear loose clothing for a few weeks.
  5. Avoid sex. Give your piercing at least three days to one week to heal before engaging in sexual activity. When you do have sexual intercourse it is important to wear a condom for at least four weeks. The natural bodily fluids in the vagina can irritate the piercing. You should also avoid touching your penis with your hands because this is the primary source of infections with genital piercings.
  6. Let it heal. A Prince Albert body piercing needs approximately two to four months for it to heal completely. Be sure to monitor the piercing for this long. If you let it heal properly, you are less likely to have issues with it in the future.
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