How To Care For A Shamrock Plant

Need to know how to care for a Shamrock plant? St. Patrick's Day has come and gone and instead of finding the gold at the end of the rainbow you are gifted with a Shamrock Plant. So what are you supposed to do with your Shamrock Plant? Well a Shamrock Plant has nice soft flowers with delicate leaves so to properly care for the Shamrock Plant there is period in which you simply do not care for it and allow it to think it is dying. The purpose of this is because the Shamrock Plant is a bulb and it needs to rest once the flowers have bloomed. Here you will find the proper steps to take to caring for your Shamrock Plant.

Items Needed:

  • Potting Container
  • Soil
  • Water
  • Shamrock Plant
  • Plastic Spatula


  1. Once you have received your Shamrock Plant you are probably going to have to repot it. As with most plants that you purchase at a local store the plant roots are always much bigger than the plant itself and they put them in these tiny containers.
  2. The first step to repotting the plant is to add a little soil to the bottom of your new container. When this is complete carefully take the pot with the plant and gently squeeze the outside of the container. This will help to loosen the plant and the soil from the sides of the container to reduce damage to the roots.
  3. Tip the pot upside down making sure you are holding the plant as well and gently shake to remove the plant. If you are having difficulty you may use a flat spatula to help remove the plant from the sides.
  4. Once the plant has been removed from the old pot you then need to gently roll the plant in your hands to remove some of that old soil and expose the roots. However, make sure you do not damage the roots during this process as it can prove to be difficult without damaging a few.
  5. When the old soil has been loosely removed place the plant in the new pot and start adding in the new soil around the plant. While doing this pack the soil lightly around the roots and the ball of the plant and continue to add soil until the container is full.
  6. When the plant has been repotted you may now add in some water to dampen the soil but not too much so the soil becomes soaked and place some pebbles on the top to help the plant retain the heat it needs during the summer months.
  7. Place the plant in a window with plenty of sunlight or outside. When the plant needs watering it is recommended to water from the bottom of the pot where the roots generally are. If you notice the plant looks a little dreary you can place a clear bag on top of it during the summer months to add some humidity and the bag will act like a greenhouse.
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