How To Care For Snow Ski Goggles

Do you want to know how to care for snow ski goggles? Between seasons, we tend to forget about our snow ski equipment, and we store it poorly. But a little care in this activity can save you a lot of money. You can do with a well cared for pair of snow ski goggles from the previous season, right?

What you need to care for snow ski goggles:

  • A non scratching cloth.
  • Soap.
  • Anti fog gel.
  • A goggles case.
  1. Clean your snow ski goggles periodically. Not only when the season is over, but every few weeks, give your goggles the treatment of a deep clean. Remove the lenses if your goggles permit it, and remove any dust you find in the space between the frame and the lenses. Rinse your lenses with your bare hands and a water and soap solution, then rinse again with water and let dry. Once the lenses are dry, you can apply a layer of anti fog gel or spray, following the manufacturer´s instructions.
  2. Always store your snow ski goggles in a case. Whenever not wearing them, your goggles should remain stored in a goggle box—preferably a hard case, but a fabric bag will do.
  3. When packing for a trip, place the snow ski goggles in a protected spot. A good way to prevent goggle crashes is placing them inside your ski boots, making sure you don´t put much pressure on them. If they don´t fit in your ski boots, you can also try your regular shoes or sneakers, with the warning that these are not as protective as ski boots.
  4. After the season, take a few minutes to deep clean your snow ski goggles. At this point, you can disassemble your goggles completely and put the leashes in the washing machine. Also, if you have dual lenses, check the seal between both lenses for cracks. If you find one, re-seal it using an epoxy glue, because the anti fog capability is gone once moisture gets between the lenses.
  5. Reassemble your goggles and store them in a hard box. If you have an envelope of silica gel or other moisture absorbent, place it in the goggles box.
  6. Store the goggles in a safe, dry place. A lot of moisture can squeeze between your lenses if you store them in a moist place.
  7. When wearing your lenses, take care that they don't get scratched foreign objects. It´s quite common to leave the goggles strapped around a helmet, so make sure you are aware of your surroundings while skiing.
  8. If you lend it, retrieve it; if you borrow it, return it. While you use it, take care of it!

A well cared for pair of snow ski goggles are likely to last a couple of seasons. If you give your equipment a little attention, your equipment will give you a longer life of good performance. So why not taking care of it?

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