How To Care For Spy Snowboarding Goggles

Need to know how to care for spy snowboarding goggles? Spy goggles are a popular medium to lower range goggle, but still can set you back enough cash to be concerned about. Caring for Spy goggles is a straightforward task. Learning how to care for Spy goggles is a matter of common sense. Spy snowboard goggles need to remain clean and the lens free of blemishes. The steps below are meant to walk you through common practices for the care of Spy goggles. Caring for Spy goggles is a matter of doing what is best for the goggle and keeping it well padded. The process for caring for Spy goggles is simplistic and takes very little time.

Things you will need to care for Spy Snowboarding goggles:

  • Spy goggles
  • Mild window cleaner
  • Felt cloth
  • Plush towel

How to care for Spy Snowboarding goggles:

  1. Take a mild window cleaner and water it down. Use about one part water to every one part cleaner. Spray sparingly on the lens and clean with a felt cloth. Never use paper towels or saturate the lens when cleaning.
  2. Maintain your headband by wiping it down after every day at the slopes. Use the mild window cleaner or just the felt cloth. Do not saturate either, the moisture will break down the material, causing it to fray or break.

Tips: Always keep your Spy goggles wrapped in a plush, soft towel. Transport this way and keep it concealed when not in use. Spy goggles should be stored near but separate from all your other gear.

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