How To Care For A Vintage Surfboard

Are you a surfboard collector wondering how to care for your vintage surfboards? Surfboard collecting has grown in popularity and many of these blasts from the past are skyrocketing in value. When it comes to vintage boards, value is usually determined by age, condition, brand, and how rare it is. Whether you plan to ride your older board or hang it as a showpiece on your wall, there are a few tips to ensure your board is optimally preserved for sun and fun or for enjoyment in your home.

In order to care for your vintage surfboards, you will need:

  • Surfboard
  • Board polish
  • Board wax
  1. Surfboards from back in the day have multi layers of delicate laminate that must be handled with care. Through age the laminate can peel or discolor. Polishing your board with a buffer and surfboard polish can bring back the luster to the finish of the board. If you don’t have these materials, contact a surfboard shop in your area or online to arrange for a professional polishing.
  2. If you plan to ride your board, be sure to use many coats of surfboard wax to protect the top layer of laminate. Not only will you have better stability in the water, but you will also be protecting your board from damage.
  3. If your board has major flaws that you want fixed, such as pressure dents and bubbling, take it to a professional surfboard repair shop. They will be able to restore it for you or remake it into a piece of hanging artwork. In many cases, they can strip your board down to the shape and you can choose colors and graphics you like for refinishing.
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