How To Care For Vinyl Boots

Learning how to care for vinyl boots is easy. Vinyl boots are a great substitute for leather for many reasons. Vinyl is less expensive and so much easier to care for. The trick is all in keeping your boots clean.

What you need to care for vinyl boots:

  • Two clean towels
  • Mild liquid soap
  • Water
  • Sink or bucket
  1. Get some soap. Choose a mild liquid soap that won't be harsh on the vinyl. You can use dish soap or hand soap. You will only need a few drops of soap to clean your vinyl boots.
  2. Find a sink or a bucket. Fill the sink or bucket with some warm water. Add a few drops of soap to the water and make a soapy solution. Using too much soap will leave a residue on your vinyl boots.
  3. Dip a towel in the soapy water. Once the towel is wet, ring it out. You want the towel to be damp, not dripping with water. Hold your vinyl boot in one hand and wipe it down with the towel. It doesn't take much to get vinyl clean.
  4. Dry the vinyl completely. Although vinyl is an easy material to clean, it must be dried completely. Take the dry towel in one hand and the vinyl boot in the other. Using a circular motion, wipe damp areas until you see the vinyl shine again. Dry the other boot the same way.
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