How To Care For A Wool Coat

Before wearing a wool coat you must know how to care for a wool coat.  Wool is a delicate fabric made from the undercoat of hairy animals such as sheep,lambs,llamas,goats, and camels.  It is known for its warmth and durability.  When deciding on how to care for a wool coat, hand washing is highly recommended.  To keep from ruining the it, here is the process to take to care for a wool coat:

  1. Before you wash a wool coat, measure it.  Measure from shoulder to shoulder, across the bottom, and along the outside of each arm.  This is done so it can be restored to its correct shape before drying.
  2. Use a soap that is made for wool or handwashables, or a mild dishwashing liquid.  Dissolve the soap in a sink, use a little amount, just enough to have suds cover the surface of the water.
  3. Place the coat in the water, moving it around, and carefully squeeze the suds through the fabric.  Do not wring or twist.  This is very important to remember on how to care for a wool coat.
  4. Let the coat soak for several minutes.
  5. Drain the water and run fresh water over the coat. Carefully squeeze and repeat until the water runs clear.
  6. Put the coat on a clean flat surface and reshape. Use the measurements you took earlier to make sure that it matches its original shape.
  7. Place a towel on top of the coat and press down. The towel can absorb the excess water.  Repeat with more towels if needed. 
  8. Lay flat until dry.  This is the final step on how to care for a wool coat.

When deciding how to care for a wool coat, the cost of the coat and the possibily that it may be vintage might make dry cleaning a better option.

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