How To Carefully Approach A Coworker You Are Interested In

If you are looking to date a coworker, you may want to know how to carefully approach a coworker you are interested in. When spending so much time together, it is natural to become interested in or attracted to a coworker. With men and woman alike spending 40+ hours a week at work, it leaves little time to meet people elsewhere.

To carefully approach a coworker you are interested in, you will need:

  • A game plan
  • A good attitude
  • The ability to face rejection
  1. The coworker. Before you approach a coworker you are interested in, you will want to test the waters and see if she has an interest in you. With the sexual harassment laws at their peak, you will want to be sure to use a careful approach when asking out a coworker. Not only can it be detrimental to your career or workplace environment, but it can also be illegal if the attention is not wanted. When you are interested in a coworker, the feeling must be mutual before you act on the situation.
  2. The approach. Be upfront and be real. Since a relationship between coworkers can affect both the personal life and work life, a complete understanding is necessary. Although it is always the intention to keep the personal life and work separate, there is often a fine line that is crossed between the two. Always have a good attitude when approaching a coworker you are interested in and be able to accept any rejection that comes your way.
  3. The dating. Things can get tricky when dating a coworker. If one of the people involved is in a higher pay grade at work, it could start rumors of someone trying to sleep their way up the ladders. Personal situations in your relationship can often affect your ability to work together. It is hard to be with someone in two different scenarios and not let one interfere with the other.
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