How To Caress A Woman

Learning how to caress a woman starts with a gentle touch. Caressing is not only intimate but contains both sexual and nonsexual properties. You can slow a woman’s heart rate with a simple caress. A woman’s entire body is erotic and sensual while a man’s sensuality is more localized in his private parts. The art of touch is a flow of energy that passes between a man and a woman that is both healthy and as well as intimate.

  1. Caress her naval. This is the tricky part because not all women like to be caressed at their core. You may use your tongue, finger or nose in a circular motion. Try not to press to hard for someone may get the sensation to urinate instead of heading toward ecstasy.
  2. Caress her lower back. You use whole hand and press lightly against this area. This stimulates her groin and her genitals which is exactly how to caress a woman well.
  3. Caress her buttocks. The perfect place for both hands to go. You may squeeze, massage or you use the tips of your fingers in a circular motion to arouse her.
  4. Caress the limbs. Stroke gently on the inner side of her arms. You can do this in public as well as in private which is a great method of how to caress a woman anywhere.
  5. Caress her feet. Use your thumbs to press in small circular motions in the middle of her foot. You may also massage her ankles and her toes. Hit the right spot and the sensitivity will travel all the way up to her genitals. Best way to learn how to caress a woman is to start at the feet.
  6. Caress her breast. Begin from the outside of her breast and work your way in toward the nipples. The best way to caress a woman’s breast is to grope and squeeze. Keeps a gentle titillating touch by using your finger tips to swirl around her nipples.

A woman’s body is an erogenous zone of absolute erotic delight. Learn how to use a gentle touch, warmth in your hands and you’ll find her entire body melting into yours. Caressing is a healthy way of sustaining any relationship.

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