How To Caress A Woman’s Breasts

Every good male lover worth anything must know the correct way to turn his woman on by learning how to caress a woman's breasts. Women LOVE foreplay and that includes some good breast caresses. Paying particular attention to the three erotic breast zones will send your woman into a sexy frenzy and leave her wanting more. Every woman loves the lead up to a good sexual encounter so a good caress of a woman's breasts is sure to get the night off to a bang (pun intended). Before you star your breast caress, get things started by slowly kissing her and putting a hand on her waist. You are now ready to start to caress her breasts.

  1. Slowly move your hand up under her shirt until it is right below her breast. If there is a bra involved, you'll really wow the ladies if you master the one-handed bra removal where you pinch the back of her bra with one hand to release the hooks. Hot, hot, hot!
  2. One of the most erotic areas of a woman's breast is the area right underneath the breast . Using a finger, softly caress the underside of her breast from left to right. Focus on just his area to start and caress only one breast at first. Work your way up to using both hands and cupping the underside of her breasts.
  3. After you're rewarded with a few moans or hungry kisses, reach for her nipple. You should find an erect nipple which signals you that you've done step #3 the right way. Run your finger (or better  yet, your mouth) around her nipple to the areola (the dark part surrounding the nipple). The areola combined with the nipple are the two other most sensitive parts of the female breast. As your woman gets more sexually excited, this area may darken in color as the blood flow will increase.
  4. Most women will like a gentle pinch of the nipple or areola (or, better yet again, a gentle suck). Watch her body language and listen to her breathing and moans to let you know what she likes or doesn't like. Offer a 'do you like when I do this?' to improve future sexy communication.
  5. If you REALLY want to drive her wild, after a ten or fifteen minute breast caress session, button her shirt back up and lay off the sexy stuff for a bit. This technique is guaranteed to have her begging you for another hot session which will go much farther than caressing her breasts.
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