How To Carrier Rush In Starcraft 2

If you need to know how to carrier rush in Starcraft 2, we have all the information that you need.. The gamers would also like to remind you that if you were playing for speed, the insect-like Zerg were the race you meant to choose. Remember, you can tech things up quickly playing the Protoss, but you do so by ignoring your defenses.

Things You Will Need to Carrier Rush in Starcraft 2:

  • A Account

How to Carrier Rush in Starcraft 2:

  1. Warp in your gateway. Build some drones and start collecting minerals. Build a cybernetics core, a forge, a shield generator, and anything else you need to build the fleet beacon. Lay down a few photoss cannons for defense. Build Psi crystals is needed.  It takes a while to build up to the Starcraft II Protoss carrier rush.
  2. Purchase Tech upgrades. Protoss carriers require several upgrades do build. Warp in a fleet beacon or two and start training. If you have survived long enough to do the carrier rush in Starcraft 2 without building any defensive units, you have extremely incompetent opponents.
  3. Select Each carrier and build the fighters. Aircraft carriers in real life have few defense beyond their planes. Carriers take this a step farther and have no defenses besides their fighters. Build up a sizable force and send them near their opponents.
  4. Keep your Starcraft 2 Protoss Carriers as safe as possible. Withdraw the carriers to a safe distance while the fighters do the work of decimating your opponent. The hundreds of swarming fighters will keep most enemy units busy, and you can continue the carrier rush.
  5. Send the carriers back to your shield generators. You will need to build fighters to replace the ones the carriers lose in combat. Restoring depleted shields saves your crystal resources.
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