How to Carry a Football

Need to know how to carry a football? Want to stop fumbling the football when you play sandlot or organized ball? Just can't seem to hold onto the football in those crucial moments of a game? Well, you're in luck, because after using the techniques in this article, the opposition will think you have steel arms as you carry the rock down the field.

  1. Hug the football tightly in crowds. You not only want two arms firmly cradling the ball, but you also want to hug it against your chest as well. This creates a triple whammy and it is not easy for someone to strip the ball from someone when they are in this position.
  2. Switch hands while running down the sidelines with the football. This is important because it makes it harder for the opposition to reach for the ball since it is at a greater distance from them. If you are carrying the ball in the arm that is closest to the field while running down the sidelines, switch the football over to the hand closest to the out-of-bounds line.
  3. Use the normal ball position for the skilled position player. If you are a receiver, corner or safety then you will carry the football with one tip of the football in the firm grip of your hand while the other tip is placed firm against your biceps. The next step would be to tuck the ball against your side, while still maintaining this hold.
  4. Don't leave out quarterbacks. When quarterbacks are scrambling out of the pocket, they should either look down field for receivers or pretend to look for receivers down field while carrying the football up above their shoulders to fool the defense. This will buy them time to run and pick up the first down.
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