How to Carve on a Snowboard

Learning how to carve on a snowboard makes for a more enjoyable run downhill. Carving on a snowboard is a fun way to move downhill. Shooting powder as you carve your snowboard is a great showmen piece as well. Learning to carve will also assist you in many other tricks that require similar skills or technique. Carving on a snowboard takes balance and a certain level of snowboard management. The next time you are on the slopes make sure you try to carve out your piece of the mountain with this trick.

How to carve on a snowboard:

What you will need:

  • Snowboard
  • Downhill powder terrain
  • Room to maneuver

How to carve on a snowboard:

  1. Carving on a snowboard is all about balance and position on the snowboard. You will need a moderate slope with a nice grade. Be certain that traffic both in front of you and behind is pretty much none existent.
  2. Move downhill, snowboarding to one end or area of the slope. Do not lean but keep your legs stiff and cut hard on your turn back to the other side. You may lean your torso into the turn but keep steady weight on the snowboard.
  3. This motion will put you on the edge of your snowboard and move the snow beneath your snowboard away from you. The shift in weight and quickness of the turn will leave a trail of snow kicking out from beneath you. Straighten up once out of the turn and continue towards the nest turn.
  4. Repeat this process downhill moving from side to side shifting your weight and shooting out powder as you go. This is carving on a snowboard, simple and fun!


  • Do not attempt to carve on a snowboard on a busy downhill slope.
  • Always wear your protective gear when snowboarding period, but when you are tossing out tricks it is doubly important.



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