How To Cast A Love Spell

 Learning how to cast a love spell can be a fun way to gain the affections of the one you love. Many love spells are full of supplies to buy and lines to memorize. Follow the tips below to find out how to cast a love spell using things you already have and words that already have meaning for you.

What you'll need:

  • salt
  • olive oil, for fertility
  • basil, for love
  • orange peel, for love and prosperity
  • peppermint tea, for love and lust
  • bowl and spoon or mortar and pestle
  • small jar with lid

How to do it:

  1. Begin on the night of a new moon. Remove your clothes and place all your spell ingredients on a clean floor.  Wash your hands.  As the water runs over your hands, imagine it taking all the negative energy and impurity from your body and mind. Return to the circle.
  2. Standing by your ingredients, pick up the salt. Lightly pour a circle of salt around yourself, making sure all the spell ingredients are inside the circle. As you make this circle, imagine it creating a sphere of light around you, protecting you and charging you with positive energy. Affirm that nothing harmful can come to you or anyone else while you are doing this work or because of the love spell you are casting.
  3. Sit in the center of the circle. Hold the herbs, jar, and oil in your hands, one at a time. Imagine you hold a blindingly white light in your hands and you are bathing the oil and herbs with it, making them strong and pure.
  4. Place a tablespoon of each herb and an inch portion of orange peel in the bowl or mortar with a quarter cup of oil. Mix with the spoon or pound with the pestle. Pour the infused oil and herbs into the jar and close it tightly. 
  5. Hold the jar in front of your body and imagine a strong pink light filling your heart. Imagine the light is so warm and overflowing that it cannot possibly be contained by your heart. Let it flow into the rest of your body and out into the jar. Picture yourself happy, radiant, and in love as you pour love and light into the jar. 
  6. Say the words: “I am love. I am light. I remember.”  Tap your sternum by your heart three times and the space between your eyebrows three times as you chant those words. Repeat the process three times.
  7. Place the jar in a window to absorb the essence of the moon. The oil will be ready to use the next night.  You can use a teaspoon of the oil in a hot bath or you can dab it on the pulse points of your body. Remember to imagine yourself happy, radiant, and in love when you use your love spell. As you apply it, and every time you remember the love spell as you go about your day, repeat the mantra: “I am love. I am light. I remember.” You will have the love you desire before the next new moon.


  • Be careful not to have a specific person in mind when you perform the love spell. Binding a person to you or compelling them with magic will create a bond neither of you will enjoy. Allow yourself to attract your beloved by becoming a person no one could resist.
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