How To Catch Bait Fish

Want to learn how to catch bait fish? When fishing for larger fish, you usually need bait fish in order to attract and catch them. You don't have to buy bait fish, although this is one way to get them. Read on to find out how to catch bait fish.

What you need to have in order to catch bait fish:

  • live bait fish trap
  • live bait fish food
  • dock or area to place bait fish trap 
  1. Purchase a live bait fish trap. The kind of live bait fish trap you purchase should depend on the size of the bait fish that you want to catch. Traps with small mesh in their nets are used to catch the smaller bait fish that one would use to catch trout or snapper.
  2. Insert live bait fish food. Next, you would drop the live bait fish food into the trap. This food should be purchased with the live bait fish trap. This fish food is what attracts the bait fish to the trap.
  3. Pull the trap. Next, pull the live bait fish trap for between two and twelve hours. Keep checking the trap so you can empty it when it is full.
  4. Put bait in livewell. Now, you put the live bait fish that you've caught into your livewell and you are able to use them for a fishing trip.

You can also use a live bait fish trap right at a dock or in places close to the shore. This is especially entertaining for children as they can see the fish in the water and then use the bait trap to capture their bait for fishing. Using a live bait fish trap is the most efficient way to catch bait fish for your next outing. There are many different kinds of traps, and they are available where you can buy fishing equipment.

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