How To Catch Red Fish

Learning how to catch red fish is not hard to do. Red fish are also called red drum and are normally located in the southern United States. There are steps you can take to catch this fish. Find the right fishing spot. Get the right equipment. Use the right bait. Keep reading and we will explain to you how to catch red fish.

To catch red fish you’ll need:

  • Fish Bait
  • A Boat
  • Fishing Rod
  1. Make sure that you have a valid fishing license in your state before you try to learn how to catch red fish. Go on a fishing trip with someone who knows how to catch red fish. Ask the fisherman what the best techniques are to use when trying to catch this type of fish. Have him show you where the best places are in your area to go to catch red fish.
  2. Find the shallow waters where red fish are to help you learn how to catch red fish. Before you get to the spot, turn the boat engine off so that you do not make the fish run way. Try to keep the sun at your back so that the fish cannot see you but you can see the fish. Gently throw bait from your boat into the fishing area to attract the fish to your bait.
  3. Use live or dead bait to help you learn how to catch red fish. Catch red fish buy using live bait such as  shrimp, finger mullets, mud minnows and pogies. Consider using dead bait such as croaker, pinfish and filet mullets to help you catch this fish. Cast your line into the fishing area with the bait attached. Watch the line and you will see red fish biting but it may take a while. Make sure you pull the line quickly, and this is one of the many methods that are used to catch red fish.



Use crab meat or chicken breast for bait.

Use electric chicken lures as another method to catch red fish.



Avoid fishing in bad weather.

Avoid making noise while fishing.

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