How To Catch A Softball

If you are playing in a league or just for fun, you will need to properly learn how to catch a softball. Catching a softball is one of the most fundamental elements of defense in softball. Follow and practice these steps to catch a softball well.

  1. Get your feet in position. If you are not in position to catch the ball, stretching or doing something else unfamiliar will cut down your chances to make a good catch. Keep your feet moving until you are in the right position. Beware of changes in the ball, or dynamics such as the sun in your eye on pop flies that can alter your perception.
  2. Use both hands. It is not a good habit to catch a softball with only the hand which the glove is on. If you have time to do so, use your other hand behind the glove for support. You never know how fast the ball will come into your glove, or whether you may need it to secure the ball. Don't take any chances.
  3. Keep your eye on the ball. This maxim applies to hitting as well as catching. Taking your eye off of the ball can alter your concentration, as well as make you unable to see if the ball is changing paths. Ensure that the ball goes into your glove.
  4. Complete the catch and throwing motion. When you catch the ball, you will of course need to throw it somewhere. Practice making the quick and safe transfer to your throwing hand so you can get the ball in as quickly as possible. This will drastically improve your quickness as a fielder.



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