How To Cater For 50 People

Are you wondering how to cater for 50 people? Look no further. Catering an event with many guests can be a stressful and time consuming task since there are many dishes to prepare and many questions you need answered. Your professionalism must be at its best because you were hired for this job and you must meet your employer's expectations. Although it may seem like a lot to do, you can successfully pull off a catering event with a few simple steps.

Things you'll need to cater:

  • Kitchen staff
  • Serving staff
  • Ingredients to produce menu
  • Utensils and containers
  1. Organization With most things in life, it's best that you are organized. Take down notes so that you know employer's preferences before you start making food. You must know what kind of food has been requested, which food you should avoid because of dislikes and/or allergies, what kind of food you should make based on the theme of the party and more.
  2. Budget Catering can be expensive (usually it's the food). Look at your local markets for sales on items you can use and don't forget to always use the produce you have stocked up first because it's a good way to save money. Make sure you will have enough food for everyone.
  3. Services As a caterer, you have the option of offering many services. Along with serving food, you can provide other items for the event like linens and bar services for an extra payment or services included in the package.
  4. Staff If you have staff helping you, remember to make sure you go over all the details with them and they know what they are doing. Meet before the actual event. If they have any questions, answer them so your staff is prepared. Go over who will be doing what, exactly what time dinner will start, what time the event ends and other important facts.
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