How To Cater For 600 People

Looking for information on how to cater for 600 people? Look no further. Catering an event for that many people can be very stressful and time-consuming. There are many simple steps that you should take to ensure the event is successful, as outlined below:

  1. Employer – Once you get hired to cater an event, you should talk with your employer to get all the facts you need. This includes information such as how many are going to attend the party, what dishes are suggested for you to make, what kind of food you should avoid and other important things you should know.
  2. Budget – Now that you know what kind of food you are going to prepare, you will need to buy the items in order to make the food. Check out local markets and grocery stores to see which items are on sale. If the items you need are on sale, then purchase them. If you have a stock pantry full of items, remember to use those first when making your dishes so that your not spending a lot of money and you are getting rid of the items that you already have.
    Also, keep in mind you're catering a large audience so you are going to need lots of food in stock. Check out a number of different stores and see what they have on sale. Although it may seem like your wasting time, your saving money.
  3. Organize and Plan – Before the event, make sure that you have everything noted that has been requested and all the information about the event. Plan what meals you are going to make, and go over specifics for each dish as there is going to be 600 guests.
  4. Prep – As most caters prep, if you can make some dishes before the event, something that you can freeze or put in the fridge then do it as it will save you a load of stress. This can include entrees such as dip, cheese and crackers as examples. Remember to cover them with plastic overnight. Make sure all servers know what stations they will be working at. A good thing to do is to have food that you can quickly make if you run out. This can be any kind of food that you can produce quickly.
  5. Cook – On the day of the event, arrive early and begin making the entrees/appetizers as guests arrive. Once dinner begins, send out the entrees and wait until they are almost finished to send out the appetizers. Then, as the cater, go into the event and mingle with the guests, asking how the food is. Then, send out the desserts.
  6. Flow – While the event unfolds, just continuously go with the flow and relax yourself. Do not get too stressed, and if something is wrong then tackle the issue right away.
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