How To Cater For A Brisket BBQ Event

Summertime means lots of BBQ cookouts and there's earning opportunities if you know how to cater for a brisket BBQ event. Catering can be formal or informal but brisket BBQs are almost always the latter. Come along and learn some basics about how to cater a brisket BBQ.

  1. Know your catering crowd. Knowing the likes and dislikes of the majority of the diners is key to making sure you get asked to do more catering. If you have a lot of vegetarians, they're obviously not going to eat the brisket BBQ, so imaginative side dishes are needed.
  2. Know your budget. Getting a head count and figuring out what the budget for the BBQ is necessary to ensure you can make a profit. Buying your brisket and other meats at local warehouse stores will ensure you stay within budget.
  3. Know your location. If you're going to be catering outside, make sure you budget in for yard foggers to keep mosquitos at bay. Scout out the location ahead of time and estimate where you will place rented tables and chairs. Make sure to include them in your cost estimate for the catering job.
  4. Choose local ingredients for the freshest flavor. Summer produce is not only cheaper but is also tastier than trucked in veggies. If your brisket BBQ is in July, consider serving corn succotash dishes, or even fresh ears of corn on the cob with gobs of sweet cream butter.
  5. Choose fresh fruit for desserts. There's nothing quite as tasty as ice cold slices of watermelon to top off your brisket BBQ.
  6. Send a handwritten thank you card to your client after the event. This small attention to detail is sure to get you invited to cater the next brisket BBQ.
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