How To Cater A Cocktail Party

Learning how to cater a cocktail party is a matter of being prepared for whatever people will want.  Cocktails can include any type of alcohol drink, so be sure to have a little something for everyone.  Then, follow these tips on how to cater a cocktail party.

Supplies needed to cater a cocktail party:

  • Lots of ice (crushed and cubed)
  • Cocktail napkins
  • Music
  • Various drinking glasses
  • Alcohol – Beer, wine, vodka rum, tequila, etc.
  • Mixers for the alcohol – Orange juice, soda, tonic water, etc.
  • Garnishes – Olives, orange, lemon and lime slices, etc.
  • Food
  • Beverages for non-drinkers
  • Designated drivers

How to cater a cocktail party:

  1. Set the time.  Decide on the time you want your cocktail party to begin and the inform guests.  Have everything ready BEFORE the time arrives, don't wait until guests start showing up and then start getting things together.
  2. Stock the bar.  Not everyone has a bar in their home, but you can turn virtually any surface into a mock bar.  Clear off a table or counter, and arrange all the alcohol with the labels facing out.  Have a dish filled with each type of garnish so guests can help themselves.  Keep mixers stocked at the bar as well.
  3. Stock the food table.  When learning how to cater a cocktail party it's important to remember the importance of food.  You must offer some type of food to guests if alcohol will be served.  Finger food and light dishes will be the best choice.  Chips, dip, sandwiches, meatballs, etc. or examples of the type of food that can be served easily.
  4. Play some music.  Music helps people relax and helps everyone come together as a group.  The first key to learning how to cater a cocktail party is to keep the party flowing with lively music.
  5. Collect the keys.  Since there will be alcohol at your cocktail party, you should collect all car keys at the start of the party.  Keep them stored in a dish and out of sight.  This will prevent anyone from attempting to drive after drinking.  Remember, if someone gets in an accident after leaving your party drunk, YOU can be held responsible.  Designated drivers should be assigned before the party begins.

Now that you know how to cater a cocktail party, you're ready to start hosting!  Have fun, be safe, and make it a party everyone will remember.



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