How To Cater Your Own Wedding Reception

The big day is almost here, your wedding day, and the last big thing left to do is to put your plan into action and figure out how you are going to cater your own wedding reception. Now that you are here, you are probably wondering what you were thinking. As with most people, you are thinking about ways to save money, which can equal a better honeymoon. This is not an impossible task, it just takes putting a good plan into motion, then you will be able to tell people how you were able to cater your own wedding reception.

  1. Line up your help. You are not going to be able to do everything by yourself, that is not realistic at all. Think of your most reliable friends and family, then begin by calling them up to see who would be willing to help. Stress the importance of them making the dish they have been designated to make because there is not a backup caterer.
  2. Prepare early. After you have planned your menu, think about what can be prepared ahead of time and frozen. This will be extremely important since you have decided to cater your own wedding reception and your time is very limited. You will just have to make sure that you allow enough time the morning of your wedding to get the food heated up.
  3. Research. Go online and find a few fabulous drink recipes, as well as some fabulous punch recipes for your non alcohol drinkers and have the bartender serve them up. Your guests will go wild over this and may not even think it was your idea to cater your own wedding reception, but that most of the ideas came from a professional wedding planner. Also check with your local market or wine store to see if you can receive a discount if your purchase wine by the case.
  4. Don't be afraid. Even though you have decided to cater your own wedding reception, there maybe a few things that you can get from your local restaurants, things such as dinner rolls or other finger foods. This will help to relieve some of your stress and they may even throw in a little something extra.
  5. Make trays. Make your own meat and cheese trays. This can really be a nice touch when you cater your own wedding reception because you can make them as unique as you are. You could possibly make small trays to place on each table at your reception instead of traditional center pieces.
  6. The big splurge. When it comes to the wedding cake, this is one area in which you may want to spend a large portion of your money. Even though you want to cater your own wedding, it may be best to get a professional  to handle this aspect. One way in which you can still add your own little touch is to make cupcakes and place them on the table or order candy bars with a special note to your guests.

In the beginning, this may seem like an overwhelming task, but with organization and the proper planning, you will be able to cater your own wedding reception without much headache. In the end, you can feel a great sense of accomplishment when the complements start coming your way.

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