How Catering Works

You would like to have a party or a family gathering catered, but you are unsure exactly how catering works.  Do you just have family or friends get together and throw it all together, or should you hire a professional? What should you expect from a catering company?

  1. Catering works by having all the components that make up a well catered affair in place and in working order. If friends or family members are doing the job, make sure they have some experience and know how catering works. Not everyone can mix a drink or serve food. Make sure the group you assemble can work well together. Teamwork is vitally important in catering a party.
  2. If you opt to hire a caterer, make sure they have a good reputation. Nothing spoils a party more than having substandard catering and service. Some companies are great at small gatherings, but are lousy at large ones. Ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations. 
  3. If you decide to cater a gathering, make sure you have some knowledge of how catering works. If you don't, you must hire someone who has some experience in at least one aspect of catering. Managing a boisterous crowd of hungry and thirsty guests is no small feat. Catering works well when everything is well coordinated. The cook must know how to prepare the right amount of food for the amount of people invited. The person managing the bar, must have some idea how much liquor, wine, beer, mixers, and sodas to stock.
  4. To ensure that catering works properly, someone must have an accurate count of how many guests will be involved. Keeping the count in mind, the right amount of dishes, napkins, chairs, tables, and the like must be assembled.
  5. How catering works best is when someone is hired or selected to hire the band, set up the party area, get the cooks, wait staff, bartenders, bus people, and cleanup crew. Some people even hire an events manager who coordinates everything, including providing party tents and the wooden dance floor. Everything is left up to the events manager.
  6. The amount you want to spend will determine how elaborate you party is. Catering works best when professionals do it. So, remember that you will be stressful enough during an event without having to worry about the food and drinks. Great service and coordination makes a great party. Don't spoil it by skimping.
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