How To Change Air Filter In 2005 Toyota Corolla

Here are instructions for how to change the air filter in a 2005 Toyota Corolla. The job of your air filter is to filter the outside air before it is blown into your car. The filter Typically should be replaced every 12,000 miles or after one year. If you begin smelling an unusual smell coming from your air conditioner, then that is also a good sign that the air filter in your 2005 Toyota Corolla needs to be changed.

To change an air filter you will need the following:

  • New Air Filter
  • "+" Shaped Screw Driver
  1. Buy a new car air filter. Depending on the make and model of your car as well as buying online or in the store, your air filter will run you between $10 and $20 dollars. This also depends on the brand that you choose to buy.
  2. Locate the car air filter inside your car. The location of the air filter is inside the passenger side drawer. Open the drawer and look for a screw on the right hand side. Unscrew it with your cross shaped screwdriver when changing your air filter in your 2005 Toyota Corolla.
  3. Unlock the drawer. Using your screwdriver, unlock the drawer from the screw holder. Take the drawer out of the cabin.
  4. Pull out drawer cover from cabin. After removing the drawer, you will be able to see the placement of the cabin air filter. Using two fingers, pinch the locks that are located on each side of the filter together and pull the cover out.
  5. Remove old filter. You will be able to see the old filter once the cover is out. Remove the old filter and insert your new filter. Put the cover back on making sure that each side is locked in place securely.
  6. Put the drawer back in. To make it easier, you can lock the bottom of the drawer first since there are two locks on each side of the bottom drawer. Close the drawer to see if the position is correct. If everything fits in place like it should, Place the screws back. You have just changed the air filter in your 2005 Toyota Corolla.
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