How To Change Air Filter On 2008 Accord

Need to know how to change the air filter on a 2008 Accord? Gaining the knowledge and skill to change the air filter on a 2008 Honda Accord is a simple operation. Changing an air filter in a Honda Accord takes little time and few tools. Of course, changing the air filter on a 2008 Honda Accord is a must to maintain the breathability of your car and to assist in gas mileage and the overall performance of your Honda Accord. Whether you need to change your air filter can be assessed two ways: by your owner’s manual or by periodic physical inspection. If it looks dirty (clean filters are white), then it probably needs to be changed.

To change the air filter on a 2008 Honda Accord, you will need:

  • A flat-head screw driver
  • A proper replacement air filter for the 2008 Honda Accord (check your local automotive store)
  1. Ensure that the engine is off and the car is in park. Next, unlatch the hood, open it and then secure it.
  2. Locate the air filter housing. It is rectangular, black and on the left side of the engine, behind the battery. Unscrew the four flat-head screws. They will not remove but will remain with the top of the casing.
  3. Once all four screws are unscrewed, carefully lift the top of the casing. Be sure not to jerk the housing as it is attached to a breather hose. Lift out the old air filter and discard it.
  4. Next, take the new air filter from the box, and discard the box. There will be notches on one side of the air filter; these notches match up with the back side of the air filter housing.
  5. Replace the air filter housing cover. Using the flat head screwdriver, tighten the four screws.
  6. Gently lower the hood. Give it a push from the top if it is not all the way closed to secure and latch the hood in place.


Honda Accord Air Filter Repair Video



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