How To Change An Alternator In Ford Focus 2001

Figuring out how to change an alternator on Ford Focus 2001 is something you may want to learn to do yourself. Changing and alternator in a Ford Focus 2001 is something that you can do yourself with the right tools, some know how, and a little patience. Before you start you will need to figure out which alternator you need for you Ford Focus 2001. Also note that it may be necessary to replace the battery as well as the alternator.

To change an alternator in Ford Focus 2001, you will need:

  • New Alternator
  • New Belt (this is not needed but recommended)
  • Belt Tensioner Tool
  • Torque Wrench
  • Sockets
  1. After opening the Ford Focus 2001 hood, disconnect the negative cable on the battery. This is an important first step for safety purposes.
  2. Remove the wiring harness from the alternator for your Ford Focus 2001. Next remove the belt.
  3. Loosen bolts that mount the alternator to the car. You will remove them completely in a few steps.
  4. Using the belt tensioner tool, remove the tensioner to allow for the belt removal. Once the tensioner is removed, slip the belt from around tensioner and set aside.
  5. This step can vary depending on the engine that is in your Ford Focus 2001. You may want to remove the engine mounting bracket, coolant expansion tank, or the power steering reservoir.
  6. Finishing removing the alternator bolts. Remove the alternator from the vehicle.  
  7. Install new alternator by aligning the bolt holes and starting the bolts. With a torque wrench, tighten bolts with the specified amount of torque. Either 18 or 35-pounds of torque depending on the engine in your Ford Focus 2001.
  8. Attach wiring harness to the new alternator. Move the tensioner to the side to replace the belt.
  9. Slide belt back over the tensioner. Reconnect negative battery terminal. Close the hood and start the car for a test run.



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