How To Change Armani Watch Straps

Do you need to know how to change Armani watch straps? Overtime, with regular wear and tear, Armani watch straps can become faded and worn and need to be replaced. You can save money and time by changing the watch strap yourself instead of taking it to a jeweler to do it. Depending upon your Armani watch, there can be a few different ways to release the straps. Changing an Armani watch strap is easy and can be done by following these steps.

To change Armani watch straps you need:

  • spring bar tool
  • small flat head screwdriver
  • new Armani watch strap

Regular Release

  1. Remove the lever located inside of the watch strap. Take the spring bar tool and insert the tip of it between the slots on the ends of the lever. 
  2. Release the strap. Push the lever in towards the strap, and then it should release it. Make sure that you are careful not to loosen the pin.
  3. Replace the strap. Insert one end of the lever into the hole attached to the bottom of the face of the watch. Hold the lever with the spring bar tool, and then press the lever into the opposite hole.

Pin Lever Release

  1. Turn the watch around. You need to release the Armani watch strap from the back of the watch.
  2. Locate the pin lever. The pin lever is located at the top of the watch strap and on the back-side of the strap. It is right in the middle of the pin.
  3. Release the pin. Push in the pin lever and carefully release it from the watch strap.
  4. Change the strap. Replace the pin in the new strap to change the Armani watch strap

Screw Release

  1. Position the screw driver. The screwdriver head should be placed in the watch strap screw and then loosened. If needed, use a second screw driver to secure the screw.
  2. Remove the screw. Once you have loosened the screw all the way from the Armani watch band, remove the screw release.
  3. Replace the new strap. The strap is now able to be changed by replacing the screw release in the new watch strap.
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