How to Change Audi A4 Rear Brake Pads

You can learn how to change Audi A4 rear brake pads to increase your stopping power. Brake pads are a consumable item which need to be replaced in order to keep your Audi A4 performing safely. Performing your own rear brake pad change can eliminate the need to bring your vehicle to your Audi dealer. If your brake maintenance light is on, or you hear noises from the rear brake pads, it may be time to perform a rear brake pad replacement.

To change the rear brake pads on your Audi A4, you will need:

  • A basic tool kit (socket wrench set), including a C-clamp
  • A car jack (to lift your Audi A4)
  • Replacement vehicle brake pads (these can be factory or after-market pads)
  1. Lift the rear of the Audi A4. Lift your vehicle so that you can access the working area underneath your Audi A4. You can use your factory flat tire lift if you do not have your own car jack.
  2. Remove one of the Audi A4's rear wheels. Remove the bolts which are holding the wheel to the hub. If you have a security bolt, check your glove box for the security key.
  3. Remove the brake caliper from your Audi A4. On the back of the brake caliper, there are two bolts which hold the caliper in. Remove the two bolts, and be sure to put them in a safe spot.
  4. Release both brake pads from the caliper. The front pad (on your rear brake) on your Audi A4 should slide right out, after you lift the retaining tab.
  5. Install the new brake pad set. The rear brake pad set should be reinstalled onto your caliper. The caliper will need to be physically closed back together. Use the C-clamp in order to apply enough force to do so. Once the caliper is closed, reinstall it onto your wheel hub.
  6. Reinstall the wheel, and repeat on the other rear wheel. You will need to lower your vehicle and perform the same steps on the other side of the wheel. Once you are done replacing the rear pads on both sides, you will want to test drive your Audi A4 to make sure everything is working properly.
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