How To Change Background On iPod Touch

If you want to know how to change background on iPod Touch, it takes little time to do so.  There are many ways you can personalize your iPod Touch, and changing the wallpaper background is one such way.  If you want to change background on iPod Touch, you can choose from the pictures that came pre-installed on your iPod or you can select from pictures in your photo library. 

  1. View the iPod Touch general settings.  Press the "Home" button and select "General" from the apps menu.  The general settings for your iPod Touch will open.
  2. Access the wallpaper background settings.  Tap "Wallpaper" when the general settings menu opens to view options for changing your wallpaper background.
  3. Search for a background.  Tap "Wallpaper" to view some of the default wallpaper backgrounds that came installed on your iPod Touch.  Tap "Photo Library" to view the photos stored on your iPod Touch; you can select one of these photos to apply as a background.
  4. Select a background.  After you find the image you want to set as the wallpaper background for your iPod Touch, tap the image.  Select "Set" to apply the image as your wallpaper background.


If you want more images to choose from when setting a background on your iPod Touch, connect your iPod to the computer and add the images through iTunes.  You can sync photos from folders on your computer through iTunes.  After you do this, you will have more pictures to choose from when selecting a background.


Apple Manual, page 98

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