How To Change The Band On A Watch

Learn how to change the band on a watch. The band of a watch is connected to the watch using a metal rod containing spring-loaded pins. These metal rods or pins can break, or perhaps you simply wish to change one watch band out for another. Whatever your reason, the process to change the band on a watch is the same.

To change the band on a watch, you will need:

  • A replacement watch band
  • Replacement metal rods (if existing rods or pins are broken)
  • A jeweler's screwdriver
  1. Have the replacement watch band ready. There is no point in proceeding to change the band on a watch until you have a replacement watch band on hand.
  2. Turn the watch over. You will be working from the rear of the watch head.
  3. Understand how the rods are held in place. The metal rods (or lugs) extend across the width of the watch band. Inside the rods is a spring. This spring pushes a pin at each end of the lug into metal arms that extend out from the body of the watch.
  4. Push the pins on one side of the rod to release the band. Typically, the pins will disconnect on either side of the rod. You will only need to release the pin on one side of the watch band.
  5. Place the rods in the new watch band. If you're simply swapping out the watch band, you'll just need to move the rods over to the new strap. If one of the rods or pins is broken, you will need to replace it first. Be sure to get the same length lug.
  6. Align the watch band and pop the rods into place. The pins will pop back into the pinholes inside the arms on the side of the watch head. It may take some slight realignment to get them in place.



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