How To Change Battery On An iPod Touch 2nd Generation

Once the initial warranty period runs out, it can be a challenge to change battery on an iPod Touch 2nd Generation. Very few third-party repair services support the iPod Touch 2nd Generation. One of the most common problems with the iPod Touch 2nd Generation is the battery not holding a charge, the solution is to change the battery on the iPod Touch 2nd generation. Changing the battery is not an easy task, however it is possible to change the battery at home with little more than a few household tools and a replacement battery.

What you will need:

  • Replacement iPod Touch 2nd Generation Battery
  • iPod Case Opener (Can use a scalpel, etc)
  • Patience
  1. Open the iPod Touch casing. Using the case tool, or a similar object such as a scalpel or small flat-head screw drover, work the tool around the outer edges of the LCD screen on the front of the iPod Touch. Careful not to damage the screen or use too much pressure. Working the tool around the entire edging should free the LCD screen from the casing.
  2. Lift the LCD screen from the body of the iPod Touch. Lifting the LCD screen free from the body of the iPod Touch 2nd Generation is not difficult. Lift the screen with force, no screws are in place securing the LCD; only double-sided tape.
  3. Lift the metal backing divider from the back of the case. Directly below where the LCD screen was located, there is a metal backing. Lift this up gently, on the underside of this backing is the iPod Touch 2nd Generation battery.
  4. Remove the battery. Carefully remove the battery from the iPod Touch 2nd Generation. The battery is attached to the metal backing with two strips of adhesive, it peels off very easily. Remove the ribbon cable connecting the battery to the 2nd Generation iPod Touch.
  5. Connect the new battery to the metal backing. Using the adhesive that the replacement battery included for the iPod Touch 2nd Generation, attach the battery to the metal backing. The residual adhesive left on the metal backing is also enough to secure the battery without additional adhesive.
  6. Replace the metal backing and LCD screen. Replace both of these by simply pressing them back into place. Remember, neither of these components have screws or adhesive.


Additional Information & Tips:

  • iPod Touch case tools can only be purchased online. No major retailers carry them. A scalpel or flat heat screw driver will work just as well as a case tool.
  • Replacement iPod Touch 2nd Generation batteries are most easily purchase online.
  • The battery in the iPod Touch 2nd Generation is a 3.7 V Lithium-ion polymer. The Apple part number for the battery is 616-0404.
  • If you damage the ribbon cable connecting the battery or LCD screen, they can be purchased online. They are Apple specific.
  • Be careful not to damage the LCD screen when removing it, they are very sensitive.



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