How To Change Battery In Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Wondering how to change the battery in a Polar heart rate monitor? As the original battery drains, the heart rate displayed on your monitor will no longer be accurate. Change the battery to get your heart rate monitor working correctly again. This how-to works for many Polar heart rate monitors including the Polar AW200, Polar CS100 and the Polar RS800CX.

To change the battery in your Polar heart rate monitor, you'll need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement battery
  1. Turn the Polar heart rate monitor over so you have access to the back panel. Remove the small screws across the back panel with a screwdriver. The size of the screwdriver depends on the screws used in your specific model of Polar heart rate monitor. The size varies.
  2. Pull the internal unit out of the heart rate monitor. Move the battery latch over with your screwdriver and slide the battery cover open.
  3. Pull the battery out of the casing. Although the desired battery varies depending on the brand, most Polar heart rate monitors use a CR2032 watch battery.
  4. Write down the battery type. Purchase this same kind of battery from a battery store, mass market retailer or drug store.
  5. Replace the new battery inside the Polar heart rate monitor housing. It should slide in easily. Press down firmly so the battery is touching all necessary contacts.
  6. Replace the battery cover and the back of the Polar heart rate monitor. Screw in the small screws that you removed in the first step. Make sure they are screwed in tightly to ensure a good water-resistant seal.





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