How To Change A Battery On A Rolex Watch

Knowing how to change a battery on a Rolex watch may sound simple at first, but it can be a bit confusing. The reason that changing a battery on a Rolex watch can be confusing is due to the movement of most Rolex watches. Very few authentic Rolex watches work on battery power. They instead work on kinetic movement or the movement of the watch wearer. However, there are some older models of Rolex that do still utilize battery-operated movement. For these styles, only a few tools are needed and the method to change the battery in these Rolex watches is very easy. Though user guides are available at the official Rolex website, you may find these six steps a bit easier to follow.

To change a battery on a Rolex watch, you will need:

  • A standard watch repair kit
  • Jewelry cloth
  • A clean and well-lit workspace
  1. Set up your workspace. You will need plenty of light at your workspace. Make sure that you can clearly see the watch with no obstructions or light issues. Place your jewelry cloth on the workspace to ensure a soft landing should you drop the watch or any pieces during the battery-changing process.
  2. Identify which tool to use. Inside of the watch repair kit should be a small flat-headed tool. This will look a great deal like an eyeglass repair kit tool. Turn over the Rolex and examine the backing. Look for the groove on the cover and match that groove to the appropriate size on your flat head tool.
  3. Take off the Rolex battery casing. Using the flat head tool, simply pry off the back of the Rolex watch or battery casing. You will see a rubber gasket. Remove the rubber gasket and place it on the jewelry cloth before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Replace the Rolex battery. All you have to do now is remove the old battery and pop in the new battery. This step is by far the quickest and easiest step. There are no tricks of the trade to this one. Just remove the old battery and place in the new one in the same exact spot and manner you found the old one in.
  5. Replace the casing. After you have placed the new battery in place, replace the rubber gasket. Ensure that the battery and gasket are sitting properly in the Rolex. Once you have made sure that everything is where it should be, then you can put the backing back on the Rolex.
  6. Clean up your area. Wipe down your Rolex to make sure everything is clean and in proper working order. Place your tools back for later and clean up your workspace.

With these six simple steps, you will be able to replace the battery in your Rolex watch with ease. As you become more accustomed to changing the battery in your Rolex, your speed will improve and the steps will fix in your memory. Remember that if you have any issues you can refer back to the Rolex website, or you can seek the help of a professional jeweler. It is always best to be safe when dealing with something as valuable as a Rolex.

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