How To Change Battery In Timex Expedition Digital Compass Watch

Wondering how to change the battery in a Timex Expedition digital compass watch? If you read Timex's manual, they recommend you take the watch to a jewelers. If you do not wish to take the watch to the jewelers, we will give you instructions to help you accomplish changing the battery.

Tools needed:

  • Case knife
  • Case holder
  • Watch makers screwdrivers
  • Battery tester
  • Fine tweezers
  • Plastic tweezers
  • Thin cotton gloves
  • Case back press
  • Polishing cloth
  • Small paper cup
  1. Buy battery. The Timex manual tells you the battery type is located on the back of the watch. Find it and purchase a new one.
  2. Place watch in case holder. Place the watch upside down in the case holder to protect the crystal and watch while removing the back.
  3. Remove case back. Use the correct tool to remove the case back. Some Expeditions may have four screws holding the case back down but most will have a press fit case back. If there are screws, use the correct fitting screwdriver to remove the case back. Drop screws in the paper cup for safe storage. If it is a press fit case back, slip the edge of the case knife in the slot edge along the case back and case. Twist it sideways until it starts to pop open. Work the blade around the case back until it pops off.
  4. Remove battery. Find the battery in its battery box. Remove the battery from under its retention device. You may need a screwdriver to loosen a clip, the tweezers to remove the retention clip or simply slip the battery out from under a finger clip. Note how the battery is in place before removing as you will need to replace it in the same manner.
  5. Test battery. Use the battery tester to test the battery. If it is dead, replace it. If not, take the watch to a qualified watchmaker to inspect.
  6. Clean and inspect battery box. Use a soft cloth and clean the battery box of any dust. If there is corrosion present, take it to a watchmaker.
  7. Replace battery. Use the plastic tweezers or wear the soft cotton gloves to replace the battery. Finger oils can damage or short circuit the new battery.
  8. Replace retention device. Replace the retention device in the same manner as you removed it. It is important to get it in place correctly without damage.
  9. Reset watch. Look inside the watch for a reset button and press it with a toothpick or a similar device. According to the Timex manual some watches will have a reset button and some will not.
  10. Replace case back. Use the correct manner to replace the case back. Screw the back down securely or use the case back press to press fit the case back back into place. Take care to carefully replace any gasket as it is needed to retain any water resistance.
  11. Clean and set watch. Use the polishing cloth and remove any fingerprints. Set the watch according to the instructions in the manual.
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