How To Change A Belt Buckle

Need to know how to change a belt buckle? Some belts that are equipped with interchangeable buckles which allow you to quickly and easily snap the old belt buckle off, and snap a new buckle into place. There are also belts that do not come equipped with the snaps to help change the buckle. So how do you go about changing a buckle if it has broken on a belt that does not have a removable buckle? Below are some easy steps to help guide you to changing your belt buckle, no matter the type of belt you have.

  1. Take the belt and place it on a hard surface with the under part of the belt buckle facing upwards. Then locate the snaps of the belt that are beyond the belt buckle.
  2. Next pull very firmly on the short tab part of the belt that is snapped in beyond the belt buckle. You might have to pull very hard in order to unsnap the snaps, but do not worry about breaking them. They are made to come apart so that the buckle can be easily replaced.
  3. Unfold the belt flap when you are able to release the snaps. Then remove the belt buckle.
  4. Next take the new belt buckle and place it face down with the metal loop facing the belt. Take the end of the belt through the buckle's metal loop, and stop when you have reached where the old buckle was looped around the belt.
  5. Refold the belt back to the original fold. Then re-snap the snaps into place around the new buckle.



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