How To Change Blackberry Pearl Smartphone To Multitap

Not sure how to change  Blackberry Pearl Smartphone to Multitap? Seems you’ve been enjoying your Blackberry Pearl using SureType. Take it up a notch and use the multitap feature. Multi\tap provides assistance when typing an email or text message. The Blackberry Pearl’s multitap requires that you tap the related key to enter the preferred letter once or multiple times. For example, to enter Amy’s name, tap the “A” key once, the “9” key once and the “2” key twice. However, if you send Amy enough text messages multitap will finish her name for you. Developed by Research in Motion (RIM) the Blackberry Pearl is a slick phone full of features that make the device easy to use. So start using multitap today and start sending messages with the speed of light.

  1. Click the menu key, the Blackberry icon which looks like seven black “teeth”. Go your device options icon. In the options menu select “Language.” This opens the Language sub-menu. In the Language sub-menu, locate the “Input Language” field. Once you find it, set the “Input Language” field to “<Language> Multitap.” 
  2. Once you have completed the change, click the “Menu” key then click “Save” from the menu options. Your changes will be saved. When you begin typing a new message, multi-tap will assist you with the completion of each word. 
  3. Pressing and holding the “Alt” key automatically switches from Multitap to SureType. You can do this in the middle of typing a message if you feel more accustomed to SureType.  
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